Wouldn’t it be nice to attract more health and wealth into your home?

While Feng Shui isn’t a new concept to most – it’s often believed that changes to the house would be complicated and expensive.

But an article on The Huffington Post is about to change that – this article article look at simple ways of making your home Feng Shui friendly.

Feng Shui translates to “wind-water” and is the Chinese art of creating harmonious energy within a space. 

Feng Shui uses ancient principles to help increase the positive flow of “chi” or energy using colors and the five elements of nature.

Many people swear by the effects of Feng Shui and believe that it can help to encourage health, happiness, good fortune and positive energy.

To experience these benefits for yourself, why not try a few of these easy suggestions:

Living Room

This is the heart of the home and where most family activities are carried out.

Keep this area free from clutter and introduce a lot of natural light and plants.

 Kitchen Interior 1772105 1920

Avoid heavy curtains and choose a couch is raised up off the floor with legs.

This helps to create a positive flow of energy within the room.

The Kitchen

In Feng Shui, the kitchen represents abundance.

If you want to attract abundance and good fortune into your life, you need to keep your kitchen clean and your counters free from clutter.


The position of your bed is very important in Feng Shui.

You don’t want to have your bed directly facing the door and you don’t want to have a mirror facing your bed.bedroom

Next to the door works best or diagonal from the door also works well.

The bed should also be raised up off the floor to help promote the flow of energy.

Never have items under your bed either, as this is believe to cause restless sleep.

When decorating your room, try to have everything in pairs to create a sense of balance and symmetry.

Avoid hanging large pictures above the bed or having large chandeliers over the bed.

The Bathroom 

Hotel 1737171 1920

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to Feng Shui in the house.

This is because the bathroom contains a lot of water energy, which can flush chi out of the home.

To create a harmonious flow of energy, keep the toilet lid down and cover drains with rocks or a plug.

Decorate your bathroom in earthy colours to counteract the watery energy and keep counters clear of clutter.

The Home Office

Place your desk in the power position in the room ― you should be able to see the door.

Avoid having your desk face a wall as this is said to promote stagnant energy.

If you want to attract more clients, consider having two chairs on the other side of your desk.

In Feng Shui, it is not considered good fortune to have a mirror in the office.

The Dining Table

A round table is always preferred in Feng Shui as it helps to promote balance and equality. Dining Room 2157778 1920

Dining tables with sharp edges should be avoided, as this is said to promote hostility and negative energy.

Keep your dining room intimate by decorating in soft, warm colours.

Hang a mirror in the room that reflects the dining table; this is said to bring in abundant energy.

Have an even number of chairs and arrange the layout so no one has their back to towards a door or window.

Why not give some of these easy Feng Shui tips a try to see if they help to invite positive chi into your home.



Source From: www.huffingtonpost.com/

Author:Tanaaz Chubb, Contributor